The Print Audit Assessor is a unique version of Print Audit 6 that provides office equipment vendors with up to 60 days print tracking capability to conduct complete assessments of their customer’s print environment.


  • More Sales:
    Sell more hardware by demonstrating to clients the benefits/savings of new hardware with lower costs per page.
  • More Data:
    Analyze print volumes and workflow to identify equipment inefficiencies and bottlenecks on your clients’ networks.
  • More Opportunity:
    Get a foot in the door with the people that matter by offering decision makers more than just "the box".

  • The Assessor will help you to:
  • Discover where prints are done.
  • Learn who is printing, and what documents.
  • Determine how documents are being produced (time, process, etc).
  • Find devices that are not being used to their full potential.
  • Identify where the cost saving opportunities are for you and your customer.

The Assessor is guaranteed to help you sell more hardware!


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