Print Audit Assessor

The Print Audit Assessor is a unique version of Print Audit 6 that provides office equipment vendors with up to 60 days print tracking capability to conduct complete assessments of their customer’s print environment.

Stand out from your competitors!

The Assessor is the only tracking solution designed to help you sell more hardware and beat your competition.


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The most accurate assessment tool.


Create detailed proposals on your clients' print data.


Guaranteed to help you sell more hardware.

Key Benefits

  • More Sales: Sell more hardware by demonstrating to clients the benefits/savings of new hardware with lower costs per page. 

  • More Data: Analyze print volumes and workflow to identify equipment inefficiencies and bottlenecks on your clients’ networks.

  • More Opportunity: Get a foot in the door with the people that matter by offering decision makers more than just "the box".


Assessor Will Help You:


  • Discover where prints are done.

  • Learn who is printing, and what documents.

  • Determine how documents are being produced (time, process, etc).

  • Find devices that are not being used to their full potential.

  • Identify where the cost saving opportunities are for you and your customer.




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Assessor Testimonial



"The Print Audit® Assessor is generating tremendous value for our company."

                              - Jim Fitzpatrick, Manager of Operations,
 Oki Data

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