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Print Audit's Infinite Insight business intelligence tool gives Print Audit Premier Members access to user, device and document data via powerful dashboards known as the Instant Assessment and Machines In Field Overview.


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Instant Assessment Dashboard

While traditional reporting tools only give you a 2-Dimensional view of printer data, Infinite Insight enables Premier Members to dig deep into Device, User and Document data with powerful drill-down capabilities. For example, imagine you are standing in front of your customer. Insight will allow you to:


1. Provide an overview of what types of printers are being used most: 2. Drill into specific types of devices, such as local printers, and see which have the highest volumes.

insight steps 1 and 2.png


4. Go even deeper and reveal which documents the user is printing to this device, if jobs are being duplexed, and much more! Use this information to increase customer confidence and close rates. 3. Look further into a particular device and discover key information about it, such as who's printing to it the most and the size of each print job.


Share a high level overview with your customers or explore as much detail as you like. Unlike traditional reports, the possibilities are endless with Insight!

Machines In Field Overview

Print Audit Insight also provides you with powerful insights into your Machines in Field − giving you a quick analysis of your customers' printing devices, including their MPS Readiness, utilization and competitive opportunities.



MPS Certification Rating for Your Devices

One of the biggest challenges MPS providers continue to run into is how hard it is to effectively implement an auto toner fulfillment program, also known as Just In Time (JIT).


Print Audit has devised an imaging device rating system that allows Premier Members and their customers
to instantly recognize if a device is optimized for MPS.

Insight's MPS Certification Report Gives You:

  • Trust: Quickly move customers to newer devices that make MPS promises a reality.

  • Intelligence: Cross compare your customer’s devices with the MPS Certification Report before deciding
    which to support under an auto toner fulfillment program.

  • Confidence: Will allow you to deliver toner on a Just In Time (JIT) basis without any surprises.

Uncover More Opportunities

Print Audit Insight gives you a variety of ways in increase the profits from your Machines in Field via a cutting edge reporting engine that lets you drill into data quicker than ever before.

  • Increase revenue within existing customers by targeting unmanaged volumes.

  • Identify service heavy devices in need of an upgrade.

  • Pinpoint aging devices that need to be replaced. 

  • Spot over and under utilized equipment.

  • Uncover workflow inefficencies with a detailed view of your device's copy, print, scan and fax volumes.







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