Print Audit for Large Enterprises

Most organizations are unaware of the large per page difference in cost between print devices. This cost discrepancy can be as much as 500 percent. How can your organization reduce printing costs by up to 75 percent? Print Audit 6 is your solution.


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1000's of Large Enterprise Cients.


200+ Customer Testimonials.


$150 million in end-user recovered costs since 1999.


  • Learn who is printing the most and to what devices, what is being printed and more. 

  • Spot printing abuses, inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

  • Track silently behind the scenes and automatically build inventory lists of every user, printing device and computer.

  • Redirect expensive print jobs to the most cost-effective printer.

  • Control color costs by limiting color usage by the user, computer, printer, number of pages, application and much more.

  • Maintain document security and regulatory compliance by implementing rules that can prevent confidential documents from being printed or inform you when they are printed.

  • Track copying, scanning and faxing with our Embedded and Copy Audit solutions.




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  • Tracks printing from all applications in Windows 2000 to Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit) and Mac OS X 10.5 to Lion.

  • Popular accounting programs such as Simply Accounting.






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Large Enterprise Testimonial


"Before Print Audit, we had no reliable means of tracking jobs and allocating costs and our print costs had spiralled as a result."

                              - Bill Souliotis
Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd

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