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Welcome to the Print Audit podcast page featuring "Convergence Radio."  Whether you are sitting at your computer, commuting to work, hammering out a few miles on the treadmill or relaxing at home, these podcasts have been designed to make it easy for you to help improve how you do business in an age of convergence.  Convergence Radio, the podcast that explores all the hot topics affecting the office equipment and IT services industries in an age of change.  Convergence Radio: Saving the office equipment and IT services industries.

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Episode 1 - Spectre of Convergence

We've been hearing that the office equipment world and the IT Services world are converging, but is it really happening?  If it is, who's winning? Prominent members from both sides of the fence weigh in. 

Guest Speakers:  

· James Foxall: President & CEO, Tigerpaw Software
· Jeff Bendix: President, BENDIX Imaging, Inc.


Episode 2 - Seat Based Billing for Managed Print: Fact or Fiction?

What is Seat Based Billing for Managed Print?  Could it be the answer we’ve been looking for to rejuvenate the office equipment channel?  Why is it better than Cost Per Page or is that statement even true?

Guest Speakers:  

· Barney Kister: SVP, Strategic Relationships, Supplies Network
· Luke Goldberg: Global EVP, Clover Imaging Group
· Tawnya Stone: VP, Strategic Technology, Great America Financial Services
· Brian Stevenson: President, FootPrint Managed Services & Director of Managed Services, TriMega Purchasing Association


Episode 3 - Shattered Glass: Women of Influence in the Office Equipment Channel

In Episode 3 of Convergence Radio we’re going to hear from some of the powerful women leaders in our space that are making history.   We’ll get their views on how things are changing in the office equipment channel, if at all, inspirational stories about their own journeys to the top rungs of leadership as well as thoughts on what still needs to be done.

Guest Speakers:  

· Tawnya Stone: VP, Strategic Technology, Great America Leasing
· Sarah Custer: Director of Services and Solutions, Supplies Network
· Sarah Henderson: Director, MPS Solutions, Clover Imaging Group
· Petra Diener: CEO/Talent & Communications Specialist, 2acrossthesea
· Jennie Fisher: SVP/GM, Office Equipment Group, Great America Leasing
· Jenna Stramaglio: Chief Marketing Officer, MWA Intelligence
· Melissa D. Whitaker: CEO & Founder, Melissa Whitaker International


Convergence Radio is also available for download on the iTunes store, Google Play Music and Podbean.  For more information about Print Audit, please get in touch with us!