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build a recurring revenue stream in your copier dealership or managed print services practice. Premier members enjoy all of Print Audit's software for one low monthly price.







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Premier helps you Win Customers.

80% of MPS and equipment deals are won using user and device assessment tools. Premier includes unlimited, in-depth assessments.



Premier helps you Keep Customers.

With Premier, your customer doesn’t own the software; you do. This makes it more difficult for them to leave your program.



Premier helps you Build Recurring Revenue.

Premier members charge customers for user management software while paying a fixed cost, which means their profits go up with every customer.

Your Premier Access Includes:

Remotely collect meter reads, automate supplies fulfillment and report service information.
The suite is comprised of three components: Analysis, Rules and Recovery. These components can be configured in any combination depending on your needs.
Secure allows your users to release their print jobs at any device with their smartphone or a web-enabled computer.
Get up to 60 days print tracking capability to conduct complete assessments of the customer’s print environment.
Complete document tracking, chargeback, secure release and pull printing solution that eliminates the need for external hardware.
A bold new reporting offering that will enable Premier members to help their customers make sense of their office printing like never before.
Easily gather meter reads, discover devices and troubleshoot document output issues in minutes. A true differentiator for dealerships.

The 3 Print Audit Premier Promises:

Premier subscribers will have exclusive access to a new web portal that will detail how Print Audit has helped your company. The following stats are aggregated from all current Premier Members and updated daily.

More Premier Member Benefits:


  • Exclusive benefits from Print Audit Partners like Photizo, P4P Hotel, Newfield IT, GreatAmerica, Clover Imaging Group, Focus MPS and IDC.
  • Unlimited email support and access to Print Audit’s Knowledge Base and support forums.
  • Unlimited access and use of all Print Audit software.
  • 30% discount on Print Audit Installation & Training services (ITS).
  • Special access to unlimited free telephone support (for Certified Technicians).
  • Access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure success on the program.


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