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Ready or Not, Everything-as-a-Service Will Come, but Not Without Challenges
ENX Magazine (8/23/2018)

West McDonald, along with Steve Gau (Marco), Trevor Akervik (Marco) and Calvin Wannar (Verticomm) shares their thoughts on XaaS within the office equipment channel.

MPSA Announces Winners of 2018 Global MPSA MPS Leadership Awards
Managed Print Services Association (5/18/2018)

Print Audit, Clover Imaging Group & GreatAmerica Financial were announced as the recipients of the 2018 MPSA Best MPS Innovation Award for Seat Based Billing. 
DocAssess (7/19/2018)
Mike Lamothe interviews West McDonald about the shocking printing statistics the company discovered with its User and Device BI Dashboard. 

Cover Story: Device & Print Management
Office Technology Magazine (May 2018)

In an article by Brent Hoskins, John MacInnes, President of Print Audit, addresses how offering device and print management offerings can help office equipment dealers increase profitability, grow their businesses, and distinguish themselves from the competition. 

Print Audit: An MPS Project with a Channel Model
eSemanal - Canal News (4/23/2018)

An article by Brenda Azcarategui highlighting Print Audit's expansion into the Mexican Office Equipment channel.   
ENX Magazine (6/22/2017)
Erik Cagle sits down to discuss Seat Based Billing (SBB) with the "founding fathers," West McDonald (Print Audit) and Luke Goldberg (Clover Imaging).
ENX Magazine (4/5/2017) 
Michael Nadeau interviews several key-players within the office equipment industry, including West McDonald, to get their feedback on inkjet printers and the impact they have on MPS. 

A Practical Look at Channel Evolution
Imaging Channel (12/1/2016)

Ken Stewart shares practical insights about the channel's current state of evolution.

CPP Alternatives - Consider Seat or Device Based Billing
Office Technology Magazine (10/1/2016)

West McDonald, Vice President of Business Development, shares his insights on Seat Based vs Device Based Billing for Managed Print.

Print Audit Earns MPSA's Prestigious 2016 MPS Software Provider Award
MPSA (8/1/2016)

The MPSA is pleased to announce the winners of its Global 2016 MPSA MPS Awards, with Print Audit taking home the prestigious 2016 MPS Software Provider award.

Angela Onstine Named One of the Top Young Influencers of 2016
The Cannata Report (7/13/2016)

In this issue of the Cannata Report, Scott Cullen and Sharon Esker profile the top 10 young influencers within the industry. 

Why 3D Printing’s Vast Potential Has Produced Minimal Channel Involvement

Article by Howard Fast of Channelnomics discusses the emphasis on 3D print product development and how it overlooks the channel solution providers.

How a Short Conversation about Print Audit Print Rules Landed a $40K Order

Art Post discusses how being a Print Audit Premier Dealer and introducing Print Audit Rules helped him secure a multi-thousand dollar deal.

CPP Got You Down? Maybe It’s Time for Unified Billing
ENX Magazine

West McDonald discusses the many advantages of SBB (Seat Based Billing) over the traditional CPP (Cost Per Page) billing method.

The Difference Makers: Celebrating People Making a Difference in the Document Imaging Industry
ENX Magazine

Annual edition of EMX Magazines "Difference Makers" highlights how Print Audit's President & CEO, John MacInnes, is always looking for new ways to drive the industry forward.

Trends, Trendsetters, and Predictions for the Document Imaging Industry in 2016
ENX Magazine

ENX Magazines, Scott Cullen, interviews West McDonald about adapting to the new Seat-Based-Billing method in the MPS world.

A Sea Change for MPS Dealers? Print Audit Makes Case for Per-Seat MPS Billing
Buyers Lab

West McDonald, VP of Business Development at Print Audit, discusses the change he sees coming in the MPS (Managed Print Services) market.

5 Reasons Why I Like Print Audit Best Over PaperCut
MFP Blog,

Blog article by Art Post discusses why traditional copier dealers are making the switch and differentiating themselves by offering managed services & IT offerings, not just "MPS."

Remote Monitoring - Boosting Profitability & Competitive Advantage
BTA Office Technology Magazine, June 2014 Edition

Article by Brent Hoskins takes a look at remote monitoring and its impact on staying ahead of the competition in the office technology industry.

Top Three Value Points for Print Audits New FM V3
MFP Blog,

Art Post from highlights the key advantages of the new version of Print Audit's remote device monitoring system, Facilities Manager V3.

MPS Page Volume Continues to Rise, Prices Appear to Fall
Market Dynamics, Photizo Group

Article by Ken Stewart highlights how the number of pages managed under a managed print services (MPS) contract continues to rise and discusses the key benefits of engaging with an MPS provider.

2012 Year In Review: Print Audit Changes the Software Sales Model
Imaging Observer 360, Photizo Group

Article by Abbie Mantor examines the past and future of Managed Print Services as well as the successes dealers are achieving with Print Audit Premier.

Print Audit Premier Program Signals Shift in Business Models
Photizo Group

Ken Stewart, Director of MPS Advisory Services at Photizo Group, sits down with Print Audit to talk about it's new subscription program, Print Audit Premier, and discuss how it has changed the MPS industry.

Guaranteeing ‘Wow’ Service Every Time

Article by Chris Atchison explains how John MacInnes, President & CEO of Print Audit, saw his opportunity for a competitive advantage in offering a level of customer service foreign to the software sector.

Recipes Most Printed Office Documents

Andy Braithwaite, news editor for OPI, discusses the interesting web printing trends that Print Audit discovered through reports from its in-depth print assessment tool, the Assessor.

Print Audit Premier: A New Business Model for Print Management
The Week In Imaging

Scott Cullen, from The Week In Imaging, highlights the benefits of Print Audit's new subscription program, Print Audit Premier, and discusses it's impact on the MPS world.

Print Audit Facilities Manager Takes the Software Lead
The DocuMentor

The DocuMentor, sponsored by RICOH, highlights CompTIA study on the MPS industry and how Print Audit Facilities Manager was identified as the leader in the North American market.

Print Audit Builds a Better Mouse Trap with the Introduction of Print Audit Secure
The Week In Imaging

Article by Scott Cullen explains how Print Audit built a better "mouse trap" with the release of its newest pull-printing solution, Print Audit Secure.

Get 2 Know John MacInnes, President of Print Audit

In this MPSConnect Get 2 Know profile, learn more about John MacInnes, Print Audit's President & CEO, and the strong influence he and his team have on the MPS community.

The Silent Workhorse of Managed Print Services
The DocuMentor

The DocuMentor, sponsored by RICOH, discusses the success of Print Audit and it's flagship print management solution, Print Audit 6.

Follow-Me/Secure-Release/Pull-Printing Options Offer New Opportunities
The Imaging Channel

Cover story by West McDonald discusses new Follow-Me/Pull-Printing options being offered in the Managed Print Services market.

InfoTrends - Week in Review

InfoTrends weekly report on industry news and events from around the world. Randy Dazo reports on various topics, including Print Audit's latest MPS suite offering.

People Inspiring People
TurningPoint Media

Teresa Kruze describes how John MacInnes, President and CEO of Print Audit, turned the company from a small business operated out of a basement into an international success with offices around the world.

A father's advice fuels future success
Metro News

Metro News article highlights how Print Audit transformed from a company working out of a Calgary home basement into a multi-million dollar business with offices in seven countries around the world.

Planning for the loss of a leader
Globe and Mail

For many businesses, the sudden departure or demise of a founder can leave the company on the lip of a black hole. John MacInnes, Print Audit's President and CEO, discusses his plans should it become necessary that someone step into his shoes.

From a Calgary Basement to Worldwide Success
Calgary Herald

In just over 10 years, Print Audit has made the big leap from a business developed and operated out of a Calgary home basement to an industry leader on a global scale.

Entrepreneur's Success Recognized
Calgary Herald

At the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2010 awards, John MacInnes, Print Audit's President and CEO was recognized for his innovation and leadership skills.

Fly Technology
Alberta Venture

Alberta Venture article highlights Alberta-based companies in the tech sector

Calgary Tech Firms Honoured
Calgary Herald

At the 2009 TechRev Innovators event, Print Audit was one of ten companies in Alberta recognized for its accomplishments, forward thinking and innovation.

Masters of One
Profit Magazine

Profit Magazine article discusses Print Audit's rapid growth and commitment to excellence in customer service.

Captain Your Ship
Office Technology Magazine

Jake Wang of the IDC outlines the benefits of a fully hosted remote meter reading solution such as Facilities Manager.

The Customer is All Right
The Globe and Mail

Aided by an impressive company culture, Print Audit provides award winning customer service and technical support.

From Greenwise to Green Back

Through the implementation of green office initiatives, including the print management solutions offered by Print Audit, companies are realizing the benefits are bigger than their footprint.

BERTL’s Best Award

Print Audit Facilities Manager receives the BERTL’s Best Solution for Remote Management of Printing Devices award.

MPS Insights
Photizo Group

Photizo Group's quarterly newsletter MPS Insights offers an objective view of the best practices in MPS; features Print Audit in both the Vendor Profile and Dealer Profile.

The New Push to Get Rid of Paper
Business Week

With paper consumption increasing by almost 49% per person since 1975, companies are pushing their way towards a 'paperless' office.

Print Audit Assessor: Overview
BERTL Itchat

Companies often don’t know how much they are printing. By using the Assessor module, from the Print Audit suite, dealers can provide an added service that will help them sell more hardware.

Help for Print Services
The Printing and Imaging Blog

By choosing the right print management software King Edward School VII school in the UK was able to reduce their paper consumption by 100,000 per year.

Document Assessment and Optimization Study

Print Audit 5 suite features and benefits overview.

Facilities Manager Review
BERTL Itchat

Facilities Manager receives a great review from BERTL.

Print Audit - Ernst &Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2007 Finalist Profile
Ernst and Young

From its initial concept to becoming and international success, Print Audit is partnering with large OEMs to create software that is helping companies recover their printing and photocopying costs.

Print Audit Follows Paper Trail to Success
Calgary Herald

After 10 years, Print Audit has become an internationally acclaimed Calgary success story by creating quality products that allow businesses to reduce and recover their printing costs.

The Benefits of Print Management

Many people confuse print management with fleet management. A print management solution can be a powerful revenue generating and cost saving tool that can benefit dealer sales and clients.

Choosing the Right Device Management Solution

Dealers and VARs should consider every aspect of a device management solution before purchasing.

Global Gains: Winning the Paperless Race
Calgary Inc.

Print Audit helps its worldwide client list stamp out the inefficiencies in their document copying processes.

Everybody's Job One
Alberta Venture

To stand out from the competition, small businesses are investing time and money to improve their products, processes and services.

Slash Printing Costs
Personal Computer World

No matter the size of your company, there are several options for reducing your printing costs.

Print Audit 5 Review
PC Magazine

Print Audit 5 receives glowing review from PC Magazine

Are your Printers a Drag on your Budget?
Information Week

In a market of tightening budgets IT managers may want to take an in-depth look at their print management system. Using Print Audit 5, Oki Data reduced the printing costs of the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office by 21% over 3 years.

Print Audit: Regain Print Volumes

Desktop printers are stealing business away from hardware dealers. Print Audit’s rules based printing encourages users to re-direct their print job to more cost-effective devices saving the company money and increasing profits for dealers.

Getting Print Information from the Source
BERTL Itchat

It’s the who-what-where of document workflow that is truly critical for both dealers and their enterprise customers. Print Audit 5 lets dealers or users configure the rules to track a variety of information from the print environment.

Print Audit's ASTech Awards Finalist Profile
The ASTech Foundation

Print Audit profile describing its climb from a small home-based business to an international company with offices around the world. One key to Print Audit’s success is its commitment to customer service.

Calgary Export Achievement Winners Announced
Calgary Herald

Print Audit receives the Haskayne International Business Award for Calgary Export Achievement.

Local Businesses Honored for International Achievement
Business in Calgary

The Export Achievement and International Business Awards are held annually for companies and individuals who are making significant contributions to the Calgary Community. Print Audit was the recipient of the Calgary Export Achievement award.

The Paper Trail: Solutions Provide Document Accounting, Analysis
Office Technology Magazine

The rise in paper usage volumes in the workplace is creating unrecognized problems in business costs. However, solutions do exist to manage these costs including the Print Audit suite.

An Interview with Print Audit President and CEO, John MacInnes
CBC Radio

Radio interview with John MacInnes about Print Audit’s suite of products.