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By The Numbers: 2015-2016 Industry Printing Statistics Are Out And The Details Are Surprising

Posted by West McDonald on Oct 19, 2017 9:29:17 AM


We all know that “big data”, when gathered and analyzed, can tell a story like no other. Print Audit has run the numbers on user-based print behavior and compiled some of the most interesting findings which you will read about now. We compiled rich user, document and device-based data from 2015 and 2016 and built Insight BI dashboards to help us understand the story within the millions of data points. For the office equipment industry, the story is an eyebrow raiser for sure. So, without further ado, here is a look at some of the differences between the two years of data sets:

  • Average volumes by user are down: This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody as all of the industry think tanks have been showing the same for a few years now.
    • 2015 average daily pages/user: 20.54
    • 2016 average daily pages/user: 17.39
  • Legal vertical has the highest pages per user of all verticals, but it’s decreasing: In 2016, user's printing in the legal, medical and accounting verticals led the pack for average volumes. These persistent pockets of print continue to be strong areas for page production.
    • 2015 average pages/day/user for legal: 87
    • 2016 average pages/day/user for legal: 79
  • Pages in the Financial sector are decreasing: The Financial vertical saw strong page production for 2016, but it is down from 2015.
    • 2015 Financial vertical average daily pages/company: 6,397
    • 2016 Financial vertical average pages/company: 5,271
  • Color printing for email and web are growing: Email printing in color saw an increase, likely due to the entry of more cost effective color printing devices to the market place.
    • 2015 % of color from email and web print: 20.54%
    • 2016 % of color from email and web print: 27%
  • Color revenue is stable: Overall color spend remained stable in 2016.
    • 2015 color revenue as % of total spend: 42.18%
    • 2016 color revenue as % of total spend: 43.98%
  • Duplex printing is stable: Overall use of duplex printing is stable.
    • 2015 duplex as a % of total volumes: 20%
    • 2016 duplex as a % of total volumes: 20%


We’ve just scraped the tip of the iceberg in this blog. Would you like to know more? The good news is that we’ve built two Insight BI (Business Intelligence) dashboards for user-based assessments for 2015 and 2016 so you can do some analysis of your own.

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West McDonald

Written by West McDonald

West McDonald is Vice President of Business Development for Print Audit.

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