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Couch Potato + NFL = Life & Sales Success!

Posted by Marty Carson on Nov 8, 2016 12:22:51 PM


Finally when I get yelled at for watching too much NFL I can say “honey this is work related and I’m taking notes!”

I never knew my love for sports would benefit me so much in sales. I’ve always been involved in sports growing up...mainly hockey as I am from the great white north. It taught me my first sales lessons but I wouldn’t even realize it until my adult life. Hockey took me as far away as Southern California which seemed very far for a 12 year old Canadian kid. That was the first time I ever saw a palm tree!

But it was in high school, my friends turned me onto Monday Night Football and I’ve been watching the NFL ever since. When I moved out west to Calgary in the eighties I became a Seahawks fan! #Twelves

Here are some of my Sunday afternoon couch potato nuggets that I wanted to share followed with my thoughts on how they apply to life and business:

Russell Wilson, Quarterback says: “Always get better, you don’t have to be sick to get better.”

Marty says: I learned that life is like a piece of fruit - it is either ripening or rotting, nothing stays stagnant. I really enjoy taking sales training. I like to call it sharpening my saw.


Steve Largent, Receiver says: “As a receiver you’re taught to focus on the ball” but Steve learned how to pinpoint his focus on the “tip of the ball.”

Marty says: I learned to be as specific as possible on setting my sales/personal goals. I want to restate this because it is amazing what happens when you get very specific about your goals. Make sure to have your goals front and center to help your focus.

Pete Carroll, Coach says: “Can you win the game in the first quarter (no), second quarter (no), third quarter (no). It’s all about finishing.”

Marty says: I learned it is easy to start something with energy and enthusiasm but the key is finishing with the same energy and enthusiasm you started with. Stay mentally positive. There are so many ways to do that these days, including books, videos seminars etc. As you guessed my Hawks help do that for me!

150126-otd-600.jpgChuck Knox, Coach says: "Always have a plan, and believe in it. Nothing happens by accident."

Marty says: I learned about setting my sales goals daily/weekly/monthly/yearly. Remember the opposite; no plan is a plan in itself. Always plan!

Matt Hasselbeck, Quarterback says: “Reality is, you have to work harder the older you get.”

Marty says: I have definitely learned to work harder as I have gotten older. I think of it as being more focused. I created a habit to have an outline in my head the night before so when working the next day I am already on task.

Football2.jpgDoug Baldwin, Receiver says: “Have fun playing the sports we love.”

Marty says: I learned that to succeed long term you need to enjoy what you’re doing. If you are not having fun, it is going to show. Nobody wants to buy from someone who is “down in the dumps.” Remember the song from the eighties, “Don’t Worry Be Happy,” it’s that easy! For you Millennials, here is the video, which also stars the late great Robin Williams. Enjoy!

Jon Ryan, Kicker says (well, “does”): This is a special one for me and not just because Jon is a fellow Canadian but because some of the best “quotes” are not words they are actions. Jon went a very, very long way from the University of Regina (Saskatchewan, Canada) to the CFL and then made it to the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks.

Marty says: I learned to stay the course, battle your way through the hurdles of life and never ever give up. Surrender is not an option. Take it all the way!

All those years watching the NFL has finally paid off! The focus and dedication professional athletes and coaches display, it is impossible to not learn from that. The next time you’re watching your favorite sporting event, treat it like a life-training course. Your honey will be so proud of you.

I’m training right now so back to my couch and the big game.

Go Hawks!

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Marty Carson

Written by Marty Carson

Marty Carson is a Regional Channel Manager for Print Audit.

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