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How Document Management Can Help You Build A Perpetual Revenue Company: Fireside Chat with John MacInnes & Sean Halliday

Posted by West McDonald on Apr 24, 2018, 10:42:59 AM
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John MacInnes, Print Audit Sean Halliday, NeoStream / PlacePoint

Have you ever noticed how some of the greatest discoveries in history were made while trying to do something else? Percy Spencer was experimenting with microwaves for radar arrays when he switched gears and came up with the microwave oven.  Wilson Greatbatch came up with the Pacemaker by accidentally choosing the wrong resistor. And a dog invented Velcro when his owner, George de Mestral, noticed burs sticking to his fur. Sometimes what you think your doing doesn’t quite show where you’re going to go.

In this weeks episode of Convergence Radio, the same kind of “eureka” moment happened.  We started off talking about document management and ended up gleaning some of the best tips ever for building a perpetual revenue company!  If you are a business owner in the office equipment or managed services channels you are going to want to listen to this one for sure.

Of course there is a ton of great information on what document management looks like today compared to the old way of doing it.  John MacInnes, the CEO of Print Audit, and Sean Halliday, the President of our PlacePoint division, talk about why the two companies came together.  It includes some fascinating discussions on:

  • Why Print Audit decided it was time to do more than just manage physical documents.
  • Why document management is finally available to the masses, not just giants.
  • The new way to make it easier for customers to jump in.
  • Golden insights into how Print Audit became a perpetual revenue company and how you can too.

Who knows, by listening in to this episode of Convergence Radio you might come up with an accidental discovery or two of your own that could help drive your business into the future.  My favorite thing about Convergence Radio is how the stories tell themselves in very real and insightful ways. There is nothing quite like getting great minds together and letting them loose to discuss the things affecting our channel as well as the solutions they come up with to bring opportunity to the forefront.  This interview with John and Sean certainly delivers.

You can access the podcast below.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts and invite you to share some of your own insights as well!


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West McDonald

Written by West McDonald

West McDonald is Vice President of Business Development for Print Audit.

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