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I’m Now A Published Author And You Should Care Less

Posted by West McDonald on Jul 16, 2018, 9:54:59 AM


One of my dreams (and one a lot of you might share) was to be a published author.  Not blogs or articles, but published in a book. A book with a hard cover and pages and a forward by somebody who is a big deal.  That dream, for me, came true last week. You should care less about that. Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t care about the book.  I am one of fifty-two contributing authors in this book and the stories within are highly personal and inspiring.

What is the title of this book? I’ll talk about that a little bit later.  First, let’s talk about why the book was written in the first place. It was written to raise money for a couple of incredible charities: Elevate New York and Keep On Playing.  Some folks, you see, don’t come from a background that allows them to believe they can be published in a book.  Some people aren’t lucky enough to have mentors and a family circle that inspire them to dream big and to teach them that they can become more, do more, live more.  Both of the organizations listed above help young people to get past this unfortunate wall so they can learn to believe that they can dream and live big too. Pretty cool, right?

At the book launch in NYC last week held at the HG Contemporary Gallery, Kevin Singleton, the founder of Elevate New York, said “Some people call these kids underprivileged. That’s not it. They are underexposed.  We need to expose them to successful and caring people.”  That’s why this book was written: To help raise money to do the hard work of exposing kids to more awesome.  If you’re lucky, you have a mentor or two. These mentors have probably had a big and positive impact on your life.  Helping these kids to have life-changing moments, the exposure to people that can help them to move into new and exciting lives, well, that’s what we should all care about.  Everybody deserves to become all that they can be, and sometimes they just need a little extra exposure.

The book wasn’t my idea, though I’m humbled and honored that I got to write a chapter for it.  The book was spawned by an awesome guy named Scott MacGregor.  He has a company called Something New and part of their mandate is to do good.  They believe in this mandate so much they have a division called Something Good and its sole purpose is to make a difference.  So this awesome guy, Scott MacGregor, decided to create an anthology of mentorship stories and have the proceeds go to Elevate New York and Keep On Playing.  Very, very cool.

Back to the title of this article: I’m Now A Published Author And You Should Care Less.  It’s not about me, it never was.  What you, I, and everybody should care about is the book itself.  I know, I know, I still haven’t told you the name of the book. The book is called Standing O! And you can find it on  At Print Audit, the company I work for, we believe in this book and all that it stands for.  We have ordered a bunch of copies to hand out to employees and partners when we feel they’ve done something above and beyond for somebody in need.  The chapter I wrote actually has some stuff about Star Wars and centers around somebody pretty awesome at Print Audit. You’ll have to get a copy to find out who I wrote about and why.  I hope you’ll all order a copy, because it’s a great read and the proceeds will help to make a lot of lives a lot more magical.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy from the book launch for Standing O!  The launch was a ton of fun, and more importantly, it showcased just how many people care about helping other people.  It doesn’t get much better than that.





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West McDonald

Written by West McDonald

West McDonald is Vice President of Business Development for Print Audit.

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