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Moving the Digital Transformation Dial: Introduction – This Is About as Hard as It Gets

Posted by Sean Halliday on May 9, 2018, 10:16:30 AM


As far as working with office technology goes these days, for many, this is about as hard as it gets. Consider what the average office worker is currently facing…

You're standing on the front lines of important, business critical work, and you’ve been handed a bunch of technology that 'sort of works'...or worse, doesn't. You're so busy, overseeing more and more, and you're forced to work in two different information dimensions – paper and electronic (none of it well organized). Worse, you haven't been taught how to think and work with others in a collaborative environment that isn't physical. Many people are frustrated and are saying 'screw it...all this technology isn't helping me'…and the progress stops. The digital transformation is over.

None of this is anyone's fault – it's just the phase of advancement our whole work-society is in. The world of work has changed – really fast – and it didn't bother to ask any of us if we were ready for it. Blaming someone won't help you – this is just the reality we all face. We're in this now and it's critical we figure it out.

This is a series about how to make all the technology tools available to today's office worker, simple. It's not simple today, too many people and companies are failing with technology in the workplace. The "Modern Office" has left us all behind.

If we’re going to figure this out, each of us has to decide if we intend to you intend to learn the new ways of work? Is moving your work practices into the 'modern office way' something you want to do? For your company's longevity and value, for your personal career development, and really, to reap the personal benefits of productive mobile work. Do you intend to learn and change? If yes, read on…if no, good luck to you.

I'm a technology guy – one of those people offering all this 'progress'. I’m optimistic things can and will get better, but I recognize things are pretty tough today. These are low times for the average office worker. But there is hope. This is the bottom, and 'up' looks a heck of lot better. We can get there – you can get there!

Let's start by committing to simplicity – you the buyer, me the seller and everyone else along the way – simple. Not fancy. Not complicated. Not over-built. Don’t try to perform a level 10 move when 0 is your start line. What’s important is that you start moving. Don't look at advancing your office technology skills as a project, see these efforts as a process of change. Put a mark in your calendar 2 years out, and know that your work life will be different and better by then… and you'll be well positioned to 'ride up' new changes as technology continues to advance.

For the next few weeks I’ll be writing about how to move the 'Digital Transformation Dial'...without it hurting too much. I’ll cover topics such as organizing work electronically, collaborating in a digital environment, document management / workflow / imaging, Office 365 and other tools that can help. I’ll contextualize each component with real life examples and best practices, and I’ll be sure to point out the common pitfalls people and companies often fall into.

I hope you’ll enjoy this new series – let's get moving the digital transformation dial!

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Sean Halliday

Written by Sean Halliday

Sean is President at NeoStream Technologies, a Print Audit company

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