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5 Steps to Becoming an MPS Superstar – Step 2: Discovery/Investigation

Posted by Laurie McLevish on Nov 12, 2015, 11:23:25 AM
Welcome back to my 5 step series on becoming an MPS Superstar! In Step 1, we looked deeper into the initial step of prospecting. 

Step 2 has to start with a genuine curiosity.  Saying “Curiosity killed the cat” doesn’t apply.  Today, at least eight out of ten TV shows are about discovery or investigation.  They peak our curiosity and our detective instincts are challenged in every episode.  Based on overwhelming ratings, we seem to love it.

If it weren’t for curiosity we wouldn’t have information, advancements or breakthroughs.  Solutions to most problems come from asking questions. Check out these cool discoveries via ‘Breakthrough’ from National Geographic.

A successful discovery meeting requires curiosity and preparation.  If you have a genuine curiosity your ability to prepare and sincerely ask the right questions will come easy.  Remember, information is power.  Great preparation is imperative and will give you the confidence necessary for this meeting.

Silence communicates confidence. Like mom always said, “you have one mouth and two ears for a reason, use them proportionately”.  Another good reminder from an old manager of mine, “ask a question then shut up, because the one who speaks first loses”.  Get comfortable with the uncomfortable, thereby sending a strong message that you are confident and in control.

Gone are the days of pen and paper discovery or the archaic ‘speeds, feeds and meter reads’.  Let’s also remember that the right tools (or props) demonstrate efficiency, competence, power, skill, influence etc.  These tools, or the lack of, are a reflection on both the sales professional and the dealer.

It is critical to equip yourself with a tablet to record the customer meeting. It’s also essential to have the next step planned. Introducing a competitive business intelligence tool is recommended.  Our Premier Members use Print Audit Insight  which takes the data from the Print Audit Assessor to professionally show your customers data and support your recommendations.

Put all these steps into action and you and your dealership will be a convincing superstar in your own MPS show.  Have a clear vision of what part you will play and how you want the show to end.  Discover your own break-through by having the right props (tools); be genuinely curious;  prepare excellent questions; confidently and sincerely ask the questions; then demonstrate an uncommon strength by truly listening; and above all, expect succe$$!

Please, provide feedback, I would love to hear about your success!

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Laurie McLevish

Written by Laurie McLevish

Laurie is the Sales Development Manager for Print Audit.

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