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Consolidated Toner Ordering and More: What’s New in Facilities Manager 3.8.0

Posted by Scott Robinson on Jun 15, 2015, 10:52:56 AM

We are pleased to announce several Facilities Manager improvements for Version 3.8.0.

New – Toner Consolidation Alert:

The Toner Consolidation alert works like a Toner Low or Days Remaining alert.  However, in addition to alerting on the condition, you can set a threshold for the other toner cartridges in the device that may be in need of replacement soon.  The advantage to this is that rather shipping a single cartridge, you will be made aware of other cartridges that are close to replacement.  You can ship the cartridges together thus saving shipping costs.


New – Firmware Reporting:

Firmware Version – the field in the Device Details screen will now populate with the device-reported firmware version automatically.  It works similar to the Location field.  If the field is initially blank, it will populate with the device’s reported firmware version provided the device reports one.  If there is a manually added entry in this field, it will not be overwritten by the device’s firmware version.


Firmware Date – this is a new field in the Device Details screen.  Where a device reports a firmware date, the field will automatically populate provided the device reports one.  However, a firmware date can be added manually if desired.

New – Host Name and Friendly Name:

Facilities Manager will now display and report on a device’s Host Name and Friendly Name.  The Host name is the name a device uses to identify itself to a network.  The Friendly Name is the name a device uses to identify itself in a user-friendly form.  These fields can be used in Reporting or a Dashboard view as desired.


New – Last Scan Type:

The Site Details screen now includes the last scan type – Quick or Discovery – of the last scan uploaded by ICE.  Used in conjunction with the last scan duration and the last scanned number of IP addresses, this field can aid in planning scan ranges or in troubleshooting ICE scan issues.


New – Supported Currency Types:

The following new currencies are now available in Facilities Manager:


Improved – Days Remaining Alert:

The Days Remaining Alert condition now accounts for devices that switch from a percentage to “Low”.  In previous versions of Facilities Manager, devices that used “Days Remaining” altering were subject to the alert condition clearing when the device switched from a percentage to a non-percentage level.

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Scott Robinson

Written by Scott Robinson

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