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How Could One Word Cost $6,000?

Posted by West McDonald on Apr 6, 2016, 2:08:03 PM

This is a simple blog about monochrome vs. color printing.  There are no pictures. Nothing fancy. Just one color word that could cost $6,000.

Let’s say you:

    • are paying for office printing via a Cost Per Page MPS model.
    • are paying a penny a page for monochrome and six cents a page for color printing.
    • have 100 employees.

Now, let’s also assume that each one of your employees prints 100 simple text pages every month, one like this blog, or an email.

So, if each of your 100 employees print simple text pages like this blog post (or emails) in black and white 100 times per month, the total price for your printing for the year would be $1,200.  

Let’s say that we add ONE color word to this simple blog post.

The cost of printing this simple blog is now $7,200 dollars for the year, or $6,000 more than if we could just print that one word in black and white.  That’s one expensive word.

    • $6,000 dollars that could go to other more mission critical projects.
    • $6,000 dollars that could go towards increasing overall profitability.
    • $6,000 dollars that could be used for anything but printing this blog post.

Let’s say that there was a software provider that could make that one color word black and white even if people sent it as a color job.

Let’s say you could just do that for email printing and all your other documents could remain color.  What would that be worth?

Are you a provider of MPS?  What if you offered this simple cost savings measure to your competitor’s customers?  What would that be worth?

Contact Print Audit to find out.

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West McDonald

Written by West McDonald

West McDonald is Vice President of Business Development for Print Audit.

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