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More Firing Than Hiring? 4 Proven Ways To Hire Right The First Time

Posted by Lynn Strocen on Jun 2, 2016, 2:40:10 PM
2016-06-02Do you want to hire fast or do you want the right person?

I just read an article that highlighted a recruiter that made 120 hires in one year. Pretty impressive. What the article didn’t talk about, though, is how many of those 120 are still in those roles and if they are making valuable contributions to the organization.

It really shouldn’t be about the quantity of hires or how fast you made the hire. It needs to be about the quality of hires.

I love my co-workers…yes, I really mean that. They are by far the best group of people I’ve ever worked with. We’ve got a diverse group with a lot of extroverts, a few introverts, some who take having fun to the extreme and some that just sit back and enjoy the free entertainment. We have visionaries, implementers, analytical thinkers and those that are more intuitive.  What is common among all our team members though, is the drive to provide high quality products and the best customer service in our industry. They make coming to work rewarding and fun.

At Print Audit, hiring is one of the biggest challenges for us as an organization but, also one of the things that we are really good at. We are extremely picky and have learned if we don’t take our time recruiting, we waste money, time and productivity when we or the candidate decide that this isn’t a good fit. Believe me, we’ve made our mistakes. So, over the years, we’ve established a dynamic process to ensure that we are putting the right candidate in the right role. Some of the key elements to that process are:

1. Exchange of information: I can’t stress this enough. the most important thing we’ve learned is to make sure that through the interview process there is an exchange of information. If you aren’t making sure that the candidate is getting enough information about your company and the people in it, it won’t matter that you know everything about the candidate. You must take time to educate the candidate on what exactly the job is, what it’s like to work in your company, who their co-workers are and what the expectations are. If you don’t ensure that the candidate knows all of this, it won’t matter if you think they are a good fit for you, if you aren’t a good fit for them.

2. Multiple interviews:  We do a short phone interview followed by 2 face to face interviews that last approximately 2 hours each:

a.  Skill Fit Interviews review the candidate’s education and most recent jobs. We talk about their responsibilities in their previous roles, daily tasks and relationships with supervisors and co-workers. We take the opportunity at this time to further explain the role at Print Audit and what will be expected of them.

b.  Cultural Fit Interviews are equally as important as Skill Fit Interviews. We ask questions about how they learn, how they make decisions, how they manage stress and, of course, what their sense of humour is like. Even if the candidate is a brilliant coder or a high performing sales rep, if she/he doesn’t appreciate the values of Print Audit or like their co-workers humour, they are not going to be happy in our organization and won’t stay.

3. Multiple Interviewers:  We have several people from the team meet with the candidate, including people who will be their peers. Resource consuming, yes, but this gives the candidate the opportunity to meet the people they will be working with and provides us with many different perspectives on whether the candidate is a good fit for the team.

4. Reference checking:  We do reference checking a little differently at Print Audit. We tell the candidate who we want to talk to (determined in the Skills Interview) and ask them to set up the phone call. That way we aren’t talking to just the people that the candidate has prepared and knows will say nice things about them. As well, we don’t let the recruiting agency conduct the reference checks. When I make the call I can hear the enthusiasm that the reference has for the candidate or that little hesitation answering a question that may be a hint that there was a problem.

I am very proud to boast that in 2015, Print Audit had a very low employee turnover rate of 7% and we have many team members who have been at Print Audit for well over 10 years.  There are many reasons for such great retention including the great culture we have here but, it starts with our hiring process. Getting the right people on the bus is fundamental to the success of any organization and it takes time and patience to do that.

Do you have any tips that have helped in your hiring practices?  Are there lessons you’ve learned that have changed the way your company recruits? Your opinions matter, please be sure to leave comments and share!  For more great articles and tips, be sure to sign up for the Print Management Insider blog!

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Lynn Strocen

Written by Lynn Strocen

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