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Not So Mobile Printing

Posted by Print Audit on Aug 4, 2016, 10:23:42 AM
Young Businesswoman With Mobile Phone Showing Graph Connected To Printer At Desk

 By Petra Diener: Talent and Communication Specialist / CEO, 3 Across The Sea

Don’t you love these moments in your day when the latest newsletters come into your inbox? You’re totally excited about a headline, Like “XYZ to set another milestone in mobile printing”. Overly excited you click on the link and what do you see?


Admittedly in a new color, a new design, and with a new way of paper handling, but really, a box?

But let’s go back to the beginning 

When you hear “mobile printing” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Tablet, smartphone, an app – correct. Wifi, NFT, Bluetooth – all good answers, too. Next thoughts? Driverless, MOPRIA – keep it going. Digital signature, paperless – the usual suspects. So the last thing I expect when reading about a milestone in mobile printing is a visual of a hardware prototype.

The paper lobby

Have you read the paper lobby articles discussing why it’s actually more expensive to go paperless? And how it’s so much better to review your credit card statement on paper? Well, maybe for some people, some generations. But you’ve most likely also read an article talking about fading receipts and warranty claims? (Makes you question print a bit, right?) Let’s get back to printing, though. And let’s try and establish the link to Managed Print Services. Why was it we wanted to use MPS? To save money and increase productivity (to just use two keywords)? Correct.

Real life

Now imagine a freelance consultant (any), or an SMB, or a remote worker for a large corporation: How does a mobile printer add to:

    • Print less (for less)
    • Reduce your carbon footprint
    • Document security
    • Digital workflow processes?

Give me 25 solid arguments why in this day and age we need all these hardware innovations?

Are we seriously trying to turn back time?

Yes, when there’s no Wifi, your computer goes down, the cloud implodes you still hold your paper copy in your hands but what will you be doing with it?

Scenario 1: The invoice

Ha, I’d be super happy if the Wifi went down and the cloud and my computer, then I wouldn’t have to settle it. Joke. I’d have a pretty hard time actually. My bank’s branch has funny opening hours; I don’t have a checkbook (at least not here in the UK), so I’d have to put real effort into getting this process sorted.

Scenario 2: The airline ticket

No internet, no cloud, no flying, with or without a paper ticket.

Scenario 3: The insurance case

I have my insurance policy printed in hand ergo I can claim. Not so fast. A) all the up-to-date information is stored on the insurance’s system (server / cloud!) B) Snail mail doesn’t make the claim more valid or speed up the process and doesn’t guarantee the insurance’s system is up and running, and hardly any insurance keeps paper files.

Scenario 4: My phone’s dead

OK, you won. BUT only if all other systems are dead too and if the other party only works on paper. And even then: if the other system is up and running, who cares about your paper and dead phone, they’ll find your info. If their system’s down, too – you better get a glass of bourbon and a book and sit it out.


In any case, there are hardly enough arguments to keep developing devices that don’t enhance and support the mobile needs of the modern workforce.

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