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What’s New In Print Audit Facilities Manager 3.14

Posted by Scott Robinson on Apr 12, 2016, 2:03:49 PM

Certificate Changes to the Facilities Manager Server

On Thursday April 7th, Print Audit upgraded their SSL certificates to use SHA-2 in keeping with industry best practices.

For computers with Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 or better, you won’t notice any changes.  Support for SHA-2 based certificates is already built into these operating systems.

For older Windows operating systems running the ICE software or older browsers, please click here for further details about this change.

For additional information regarding SHA-2 compatible operating systems and web browsers, you can visit the following site:

New Features in Facilities Manager 3.14

With the release of Facilities Manager 3.14 on April 12th, we are pleased to announce the following enhancements:

Improved Customer and Site Management*

Users can search based on distributor and dealer with filters to narrow down the customer and site.


There is now an option to search for and restore customers/sites that have been removed within the last 30 days.


Please note that manage access to dealer or customer is required for these features to be available to the user. Please consult the online help in Facilities Manager for additional details.

Mono and Color Life Counts Added to Alert Information

The Mono life count and Color life count can now be optionally added to emailed Alert notifications.


These fields are included in the Web Post and Email attachment notification options as well.  Further details for the XML schema are available in the online help within Facilities Manager.

Regional/Language Neutral CSV Files

A CSV file is a text file that stores data in a table-like structure where each field is specifically separated by a comma – hence the name (C)omma (S)eparated (V)alues.  When dealing with currencies that use a comma in place of a decimal point, this can lead to additional fields being created when opening CSV files in Excel or other third-party applications because of the commas in the currency fields.


Facilities Manager 3.14 has a new option that removes commas from currency values to eliminate these errors. The “Use Region/Language neutral format for currency values” will cause the CSV export to use a decimal point instead of a comma regardless of the currency type set in Facilities Manager.

For more information about Facilities Manager, please click here.

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