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SBB Road Show Road Trip: Is Driving 12 Hours Awesome Or Crazy?

Posted by West McDonald on Oct 17, 2018 10:19:12 AM


By the time you read this blog the final SBB Road Show for 2018 should be well under way.  It’s being held at the Renaissance Hotel in Asheville, North Carolina, in conjunction with the BTA Fall Colors event.  For those that know me, I live a long way from there.  I live on the Canadian side of Lake Erie. I had a 12 hour commute because I decided to drive down.

“Drive?!” you might be thinking. I know, 12 hours in a car, no matter who you are, can sound like a crazy idea, especially for a business trip.  I would suggest, however, that driving is actually a great idea compared to flying. Don’t believe me? Read on:

Airports are nobody’s friend:  Yes, most times we have to fly for business, I get that.  But for those that travel frequently like I do, you know that airports are not really high on your list for places you like to spend time or commute to.  For me, driving to the Toronto airport is a nightmare, a 2 hour commute to one of the busiest airports in all of North America. One less trip there is fine by me.


No middle-seat in my car:  The number of times I’ve been wedged between giants on a flying metal tube is beyond counting now.  Driving allows me to feel like I’m in first class the whole trip! I’ve got two cup holders all to myself, podcasts playing, Bluetooth calls with colleagues and customers, and I can eat real food along the way!  Comfort is king and a road trip can give you lots of elbow room!

Driving doesn’t always take longer:  When I searched flights for this trip, here is the amount of time I would have spent in transit:

  • Trip to airport: 2 hours.
  • Arrive early for international flight: 2 hours.
  • Flight to Atlanta: 3 hours
  • Layover in Atlanta: 3.5 hours
  • Flight to Charlotte: 1 hour
  • Get rental car: 1 hour
  • Drive to Asheville: 2 hours
  • Total hours:  14.5

And repeat the nightmare on the way back home.  And possibly add hours for flight delays.

See how the math works out there? By driving I actually shaved off 2.5 hours to do what I like!  A short hike, a longer lunch along the way, 2.5 hours to use how I like!


It’s Fall and It’s beautiful:  One of the greatest rewards of switching things up! This time of year is incredible for a road trip! Driving through Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina are all gorgeous in the fall.  The pictures below are a few that I took along the way to show you I’m not kidding.

SBB Road Shows deserves an SBB Road Trip!  For those that attend the SBB Road Shows they know that we have a recipe for doing things differently.  They know that sometimes the right answer isn’t always the one that starts with “that’s the way it’s always been done.”  They also know that sometimes changing the way we do things (drive sometimes instead of fly) can come with a lot of rewards (extra margins and revenue anybody?). I’m not saying we should all stop flying (or stop selling CPP based contracts), but what I am saying is that for certain trips it makes more sense (just like selling SBB!)

So what do you think? Have you driven instead of flying at times when you either needed the change or to save some time? Come on road warriors, share your road trip stories, we want to know!!  

Speaking of doing things differently, check out our latest eGuide, “The Office Equipment Dealers Guide to Digital Transformation.”  It’s a trip!




Where the road trip begins! The shores of Lake Erie.


Am I only the one that can't get John Denver's "Country Roads" out of my head?


Quick stop in the Blue Ridge Mountains to enjoy the view!


Getting closer! A gorgeous pit-stop in Kentucky and only 2 hours left to Asheville!


The final 40 minutes of the drive were stunning!


SBB Road Trip done, SBB Road Show begins! The SBB Team together again!!

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West McDonald

Written by West McDonald

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