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Speaking in CODE: My Take on the ECi Software Solutions Acquisition of Print Audit

Posted by West McDonald on Dec 6, 2018 7:45:10 AM

ECi_PrintAudit(Pictured left to right: John MacInnes, CEO, Print Audit / Laryssa Alexander, President Field Service Division, ECi Software Solutions / Trevor Gruenewald, President & Chief Operating Officer, ECi Software Solutions / Sean Halliday, President - PlacePoint Division, Print Audit)

Hi everybody, West McDonald here with some pretty exciting news.  Okay, I’m sure you already know. Unless you’ve been sleeping under a very large rock, you’ve likely heard that Print Audit is now an ECi Software Solutions company.  You can check out the press release HERE.

Did you read it? Have you taken a few moments to digest it?  My phone is starting to ring off the hook so I know that some of you have!  As always, I’m here to bring some added perspective to what I think is some pretty big news.

I want to frame this discussion around something that I think is really, really cool. It’s called CODE.  What is CODE you might be wondering? I’ll break it down for you by moving through my thoughts on the acquisition and why I think it’s awesome news for our industry:

Crave Greatness:  Deliver innovative solutions for our customers before they need them.  Set high goals and help create the future.

One of the things you’ve come to expect from Print Audit is our passion about delivering more value and innovation than any of our competitors.  We don’t just deliver software, we deliver opportunities. Pages per user declining? We created the Seat Based Billing (SBB) model.  Tired of selling software and want more recurring revenue?  Our Premier Members know what a difference subscription billing can make to their companies.  Want to do more than just MPS? How about document management with our PlacePoint offering.  Want to see even more from Print Audit? As an ECi Software Solutions company, you’re going to see a lot more of what you’ve come to love from us. Thanks to the acquisition, you’ll see us craving more greatness than ever before.


Own the Outcome:  Push boundaries in thoughts and action, make the call and be accountable. Always maintain perspective even on tough days.

Print Audit’s mission in 2018 was to “Save the Office Equipment Industry.”  We pushed a lot of boundaries to do that (see the answer above!).  Did we succeed? Sometimes. Is there still a lot of work to do? Absolutely.  Does being part of the ECi family give us the strength and breadth to really turn up the volume? You better believe it!  In order to save the office equipment industry, we need to grow so that you can grow too. We need to ensure that our value to you is stronger than ever before so we can deliver on the things you expect from us.  We own that. All of it.

Deliver Awesome:  Pursue quality in everything we do.  Make this day better for customers, partners, and our co-workers.  We must love what we do.

Anybody that partners with Print Audit, anybody who we are fortunate enough to serve, you know that we love what we do.  You know that being awesome, and helping you to be more awesome, is always at the top of our minds. The introduction of Infinite User Management, the most advanced user-based print management tool in the market for flat rate billing models like SBB, well, we did that.  We didn’t do it alone. It came from the input of all of our Premier Members and partners. Awesome. Did you attend one of our Top 100 Summits, events where we all discussed and took action on the future of the managed print world?  Awesome. Does being part of the ECi family give us the opportunity to create even more awesome?  It most certainly does! My head is exploding with the opportunities that await each and every one of us as we grow our ability to deliver on awesome. Awesome.


Embrace Community:  Care for each other. Seek to improve the quality of our team, our community, and our lives.  Passion and determination are contagious.

You know who we care about more than anybody? YOU.  We care about your success. We care about helping you grow your business into the future.  We care about you more than anybody because without you, we are nothing. Nada. Zip. You are our tribe, our community, part of our family. Our family just got a lot bigger, and that means we’ll be able to care for you, your business, your ability to win, more than ever. We embrace that sense of community and can’t wait to earn your trust and confidence more than ever before.

A new day has begun for Print Audit, and because of that, a new and exciting day for all of our customers, partners and friends.  Being part of the ECi Software Solutions Field Services division has us all very excited, and you should be too.  We’re better, stronger, and more diverse when we’re working together.  Let’s do this!

Want to have some fun and see another reason we’re so excited to be part of the CODE?  Check out the awesome video below!


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West McDonald

Written by West McDonald

West McDonald is Vice President of Business Development for Print Audit.

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