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TGIF: Ending Your Work Week On a High Note

Posted by Marty Carson on Oct 26, 2018 10:12:03 AM


Hey happy Friday! Woo hoo do the happy Friday dance! I haven’t been this excited for Friday since last Friday! Working for the weekend! We all have heard these shouted throughout the office but a lot of other things happen on Fridays and I’m not just talking about planning for that family camping trip.

We have some great traditions at our of them being our “famous” Friday Team Meeting. It is a one of a kind meeting that I had never seen before. John MacInnes, our CEO, introduced this years ago and it has been a weekly highlight for me ever since. I have witnessed many different kinds of guests in our meetings; from other companies CEO’s to VIP’s to occasionally even team members kids. Yes, we have had employee’s kids sit in on them as well. The cool thing is that the various guests Print Audit has entertained over the years are also encouraged to participate in the meeting...even the kids. That is where the “famous” comes from...people keep wanting to witness Print Audit’s Friday Team Meeting (we’re taking reservations).

What exactly is this Friday meeting about?  Let me lay it out for you. The first thing we do is go round the room and ask the following:

  • Did you complete your goal from the previous week?  If a yes, they get a big “goal” shouted by all other coworkers. It’s a fun way to make sure people are getting their goals accomplished! 
  • Compliments for any team members?  This could be for a member of the development, support, sales, or any other other department.  It’s important to let people know when they’ve gone above and beyond and this part of the Friday meeting makes sure that they do!


  • Personal update or question for somebody.  Choice is good, right? At this point in the meeting you get to share something exciting that might have happened or you can elect to ask a coworker a question about something you are curious about.
  • New goal for the coming week.  Goals are important, and the final step is to leave a new one for the following week.  The power of stating this out loud in front of your peers is amazing. I know personally how hard I have worked to accomplish my weekly goal! The best is when someone is not in attendance and they do not leave their next week’s goal. Quickly you learn not to do this because the whole team comes up with a goal that may include, for example, a recital with peanut butter in your mouth or having to perform your own rap (you get the idea).
  • One Good Thing:  We end the meeting off with going around the room (virtually for us “remotees”) with one good thing you learned in the meeting. It can get pretty funny and silly at times, okay most the time, but it ends the week on a high note for all of us.  Like Elaine says from Seinfeld it’s “good stuff, good stuff.”

John MacInnes, our fearless leader, has created a winning formula for ending a busy work week that entertains and educates. We get to hear from each department and what our fellow coworkers are working on. Even more important is the bonding that happens between all the company departments. Yes, sometimes our “bonding” carries on after the meeting with a round of Flip Cup. On that note I gotta go, there’s a red cup with my name on it! TGIF, and have a great weekend!


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Marty Carson

Written by Marty Carson

Marty Carson is a Regional Channel Manager for Print Audit.

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