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Going Above and Beyond: Exceptional Hosting Value Isn’t About Blinking Lights

Posted by Sean Halliday on Nov 14, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Where the Money Lives Series,  Part 6: Going Above and Beyond – Exceptional Hosting Value Isn’t About Blinking Lights

As we explore opportunities for companies to make money offering Document Management solutions to their clients, we reference our first article in the series that spoke to Software as a Service subscription revenue.  SaaS is usually more than just charging a monthly fee for the software licenses – it’s hosting the whole environment and alleviating the client’s need to worry about anything technical.  Regardless of the level of SaaS you’re pursuing, every client of a Document Management solution needs a place to run the software.  The technical environment can either live within the company (referred to as ‘On Premises’), a Public Cloud Service (such as Microsoft or Amazon) or a Private Cloud Service (such as one you might operate for your clients).

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