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Year End Planning: The Role of Reflection and Rocking the Future

Posted by West McDonald on Nov 27, 2018 1:15:32 PM

As I write this blog I’m doing some prep work for Print Audit’s annual Strategic Planning week. Soon, I’ll be with fellow executives at Print Audit, and we’ll be locked up in a room together for 2 days as we reflect on the year that was and plan for the year ahead.  Next to spending Christmas with my family, it’s one of my favorite things about December.

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Kill the Quarterly Business Review

Posted by Paul Giorgi on Jul 31, 2018 10:18:23 AM

What is a QBR? A common definition on the internet is:  “A Quarterly Business Review is, as the name suggests, a meeting with your client on a quarterly basis where you discuss their business and how you can support them.”

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Moving the Digital Transformation Dial - Structured vs. Unstructured Work

Posted by Sean Halliday on Jul 25, 2018 9:36:26 AM

Work moves fast these days. Not only has technology sped up how we work, but it’s enabled people to oversee approximately twice as much work (projects, people, issues and events) vs. only a few years ago. But not all work is created equal – there are different kinds of activities, and as such, different tools to meet various needs. With the incredible clutter of technology solutions available to make us more efficient, it’s important to understand what kind of work you’re doing before you load up on tools.

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Convergence Radio Episode 12: The GDPR is Live, Are You Ready?

Posted by West McDonald on Jul 24, 2018 9:59:22 AM

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) went live in May of 2018 and it has the entire planet in a stir.  Why? Because no matter where you live, if you do business with a company in the European Union and you’re not compliant, you could face massive fines and lawsuits if you breach one of its tenants.

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I’m Now A Published Author And You Should Care Less

Posted by West McDonald on Jul 16, 2018 9:54:59 AM

One of my dreams (and one a lot of you might share) was to be a published author.  Not blogs or articles, but published in a book. A book with a hard cover and pages and a forward by somebody who is a big deal.  That dream, for me, came true last week. You should care less about that. Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t care about the book.  I am one of fifty-two contributing authors in this book and the stories within are highly personal and inspiring.

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Moving the Digital Transformation Dial: Introduction – This Is About as Hard as It Gets

Posted by Sean Halliday on May 9, 2018 10:16:30 AM

As far as working with office technology goes these days, for many, this is about as hard as it gets. Consider what the average office worker is currently facing…

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Dominate 2018 by Making Regular Learning A Thing

Posted by West McDonald on Jan 3, 2018 1:34:48 PM

I’ve always been fascinated by the power of a new year to inspire people to make big changes in their lives.  Dogs don’t do it, fish don’t do it, palm trees don’t do it.  Just us bipedal homosapiens at the top of the evolutionary food chain.  The “New Year’s Resolution” is one of the most human of all human things to do in the new year.  The top 3 New Year’s resolutions: Eat better, start going to the gym and make more money. I don’t have any scientific basis for what I just said, I just know it’s true. Tell me at least one of those wasn’t on your list, or more.

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2017 Print Audit Year In Review

Posted by West McDonald on Dec 20, 2017 1:33:49 PM

2017 has been an incredibly busy and exciting year for Print Audit and as the year draws to a close we are excited to share some of the highlights.  For this year’s “Year In Review” you get to meet and hear from the senior management team members for both Print Audit and NeoStream.  There are some new faces on the executive team and we thought you’d like the chance to get to know them a little better.  Everybody was asked to share one highlight from 2017.  Here they are:

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Top Secret: Print Audit 2018 Strategic Initiatives

Posted by West McDonald on Dec 14, 2017 10:54:54 AM

What you are about to read is “Eyes Only” and contains content not designed for consumption by a general audience.  It contains statements and forward thinking content that are highly ambitious and bold in nature.  Those not looking to grow in 2018 should stop reading now.

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No Mere Child’s Play: Toys “R” Us Chapter 11 and What We Can Learn From It

Posted by West McDonald on Oct 10, 2017 1:31:02 PM

If you’ve been following the news you may have discovered, like I did, that Toys “R” Us has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  The company employs over 65,000 employees around the world and operates over 1,000 brick and mortar store locations as well as being a giant online retailer.  Somehow they’ve accumulated over $5 billion dollars in long-term debt and find themselves having to restructure or die.  Child’s play this is not.

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