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5 Golden Resources For Content Marketing Success

Posted by West McDonald on Mar 13, 2018 11:13:31 AM

Unless your business still thinks the Yellow Pages are a great sales and marketing resource, you have likely begun efforts to beef up your marketing efforts with useful and original content.  You know that being seen as an authority on subjects is a thing now, no matter what you sell. You also know that Google ranks your website on the amount of original and useful content you are generating. You are aware that your customers are more self-serve than ever and have likely made much of their purchase decision before they ever talk to you.  Yeah, I said it: “Self Serve.” Inbound marketing is critical when customers do so much of their research online.

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How To Produce Content People Actually Want To Read

Posted by West McDonald on Oct 4, 2016 10:08:31 AM

As a business owner or sales professional you have likely been thinking about how to do a better job of producing content. Good for you! Because good content drives solid returns in lead generation as well as shortening sales cycles. I can speak from personal experience as the lead content producer for Print Audit. For those of us that understand the power of social media platforms like LinkedIn we know that the single best way to harness that power is to produce good content on a regular basis. Content that people actually want to read. Some people will tell you it’s about long-form or short-form or imitating others who are knocking it out of the park. I don’t subscribe to any of that. You have a voice, you have expertise and you have a story to tell. So tell it.

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