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TGIF: Ending Your Work Week On a High Note

Posted by Marty Carson on Oct 26, 2018 10:12:03 AM

Hey happy Friday! Woo hoo do the happy Friday dance! I haven’t been this excited for Friday since last Friday! Working for the weekend! We all have heard these shouted throughout the office but a lot of other things happen on Fridays and I’m not just talking about planning for that family camping trip.

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Putting it all Together: One Meeting at a Time

Posted by John MacInnes on Jun 2, 2015 8:50:16 AM

I often get asked about the culture of our companies. Other business owners wonder how we can get so much done and seem to have so much fun. The answer is autonomy, our team knows what we need to get done and they understand the parameters within how to accomplish those goals.

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