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Totally Canadian, Eh? 7 Inventions You Didn’t Know Were From Canada

Posted by West McDonald on Jun 29, 2017 12:59:38 PM

As Canada prepares for its 150th birthday, many of our friends in the U.S. might be wondering what all the fuss is about.  After all, we’re a quiet nation of mostly snow and trees, right? Think again! Canada has a long history of innovation and invention and is responsible for many of the items that have changed the history of the world.  In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday we’d like to share some inventions that you may be shocked to learn were created in Canada!

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Leading For Innovative Results

Posted by Jennie Fisher on Nov 16, 2016 11:33:48 AM

"Without change, innovation doesn't exist and neither does creativity”

The media was a buzz this past August with the release of the iPhone 7 that lacked a headphone jack. People were baffled by the announcement, speculating the success of Apple’s innovation. While Apple is known for their innovative culture and dependency on new ideas, can you picture that pitch meeting? The designer proudly claims that his idea can significantly decrease the width of the phone, but it requires the removal of the headphone jack. What would your immediate response be to that eager designer?

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How To Stop Talking About Innovation and Finally Do It

Posted by West McDonald on Nov 1, 2016 10:01:32 AM

We all talk about innovation and disruption but few of us actually do anything about it. Sometimes we say we don’t need to Innovate, we just need to hunker down and be better at what we already do. That’s okay. Sometimes. But other times we know it’s not okay and that we need to innovate to survive and thrive. The problem: few know the secrets to successfully move thoughts about innovation into action.

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The Future of Remote Monitoring for 3D Print: An Interview with Tom Bielecki of PrintToPeer

Posted by West McDonald on Oct 29, 2014 9:38:19 AM
In anticipation of the Print Audit & PrintToPeer webinar on 3D printer monitoring and management slated for November 4th at 11AM ET (register HERE) I decided it would be good to find out, in his own words, what Tom Bielecki thinks about the world of 3D printing.  Here is that interview: 

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