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7 Deadly Sins Expanded: Pride

Posted by West McDonald on Aug 5, 2014 9:23:31 AM

The authors of the “7 Deadly Sins of Office Equipment Dealers”  have come together once again to help shed some light on the many sins committed in our industry. This time around each author has been given the freedom to write an entire post on their sin of choice!  We will have a new sin every week for the next 7 weeks.

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The Swiss Army Knife of MPS

Posted by Print Audit on Jun 3, 2014 3:01:40 PM

Why did I join Print Audit? I left the world of MPS software quite a few years ago because I felt (and still feel) that simply providing device monitoring software and toner alerts was no longer enough. The space had become inundated with MPS providers who essentially just changed how customers were being billed: CPP vs. buying a cartridge. I knew there was a better way, that the “race to the bottom” was our own doing, that if we did a good job of assessing what was actually going on at a customer location we would have a much better chance of earning their business. After all these years of doing Assessments I can say, with confidence, that I was correct.

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