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What’s New In Print Audit Infinite Device Management 3.17

Posted by Scott Robinson on Mar 21, 2017, 12:07:22 PM

We are pleased to announce the release of Infinite Device Management 3.17 which features a variety of enhancements and improvements over the previous release.

Scope Picker

The Scope Picker control replaces the old Distributor/Dealer/Customer/Site hierarchy of drop down menus.  Scope refers to the target level that the report, alert, cost profile or device search runs against.  


The Scope Picker allows the user to select the appropriate category using a top down view of the scope they have access to.  Simply click on the scope that the operation is to be performed against and then click “Select this scope”.  If the user doesn’t have the necessary access rights to select the scope or the action they are trying to perform is not appropriate, then the option to select the scope will not be available.  

As the user drills down, the child entries are displayed.  If there are a large number of entries, the Search field can be used to a specific entry(s).  

Dealer Groups

IDM 3.17 introduces the concept of Dealer Groups.  Groups allow you to organize dealers into logical units such as regions or branches.  A Group functions as a container for dealers to perform actions on a group of dealers such as reporting or alerting.  Groups are only available to users with Distributor access.  If you don’t see the “Groups” option, then this feature will not be available to you.


  • Groups may be nested up to 5 levels deep.
  • Dealers may be placed into Groups by dragging them into the desired group.
  • View or Manage permissions may be assigned through the Groups page.
  • Dealers not within a group are considered to be under the Distributor they are created under unless placed within a group.  A dealer is never deleted in the Groups page.

Please see the online help notes in Infinite Device Management for more help managing dealer groups.  Please note that if the user does not have the appropriate rights, the Groups option will not be available to them.  

Machine Alert

The Machine Alert now contains an optional field to filter for text within the machine alert description.  If a manufacturer raises a specific error message or code within the Description, you can add optional text to search for the error.


For example, if the manufacturer provides a code “12-345-67” in the machine description, you can use the Description field to look for it.

Other Features and Fixes in IDM 3.17

  • Administration - Added ability to define dealer groups under distributors. Can be used in filtering, reporting and alerting.
  • General - New selector for distributors, dealers, customers and sites.
  • Alerting - Machine Alert now allows filtering against alert description.

For more information about Print Audit Infinite Device Management, please click here

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Scott Robinson

Written by Scott Robinson

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