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Why I Work At Print Audit And Why Maybe You Should Too

Posted by West McDonald on Feb 27, 2018 8:53:34 AM

ClassPic.jpg I’ve been in the managed print services businesses for over 15 years.  I started before managed print was even a thing.  Back then the only way people bought toner and service was by buying cartridges and service packs.  The market looks a LOT different today and for those that were lucky enough to make their careers in this space it’s been a wild and rewarding ride!  My own career has taken me from selling device monitoring software to conducting and training others on selling with MPS assessments to leading kick-butt teams at creating marketing campaigns and materials to developing new markets.  To say I’ve been lucky would be an understatement.

The best part of my career to date has been working for Print Audit.   I’ve had a pretty awesome career to date, so that is saying a lot.   I started working at Print Audit over four and a half years ago.  I had known the company for over a decade but hadn’t really considered them as a place to hang out my shingle.  In hindsight, I only wish I had done so sooner!  In a market that some would say is slowing in growth, our growth at Print Audit has been by double digits year after year after year.  The good news? Our rate of growth just continues to accelerate!

If you make your career in sales, there could be room for you at Print Audit.  Our growth trajectory has opened up a spot or two for the right people.  It may be you.  It may not be.  Here are some things to consider about why Print Audit might be your best choice to move your sales career forward:

SBBShow.png(Presenting to a packed house at the 2017 SBB Road Show)

We’re Saving The Office Equipment Industry:  Pretty bold statement, right? Sounds like a lot to live up to, correct?  We know, and more importantly, we deliver.  How are we saving the office equipment industry? By providing newer and more diverse ways for office equipment dealers to make money than ever:

  • Device Management:  We are the largest independent device monitoring company in the world.  In an age of software companies being owned by mega companies that have nothing to do with the office equipment space, progressive dealers are looking for choice and Print Audit delivers.
  • User Management:  We just released Infinite User Management, the newest and most modern approach to user and document workflow EVER.  It’s been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the modern office.  Combined with the Infinite Insight Business Intelligence dashboard, nothing that came before it comes even close.
  • Document Management:  Last year we purchased a document management company and you have to see the PlacePoint offering to believe it.  It is simpler to price (by user) and faster to deploy than any document management solution before it.  It integrates seamlessly with Office 365 and SharePoint and is the only offering in the office equipment channel that uses the power of Microsoft to make selling document management easier and more compelling for end-users to say yes.
  • Seat Based Billing:  If you’ve been selling Cost Per Page directly or helping dealers to do so, you know how increasingly frustrating the businesses model is to your wallet.  Everybody and their uncle is selling CPP today and margins and revenues are suffering.  Print Audit has developed the world’s first delivery and billing model for managed print that doesn’t rely on pages to make dealers or sales professionals money.  Seat Based Billing, or SBB, didn’t exist for managed print until Print Audit and their partners did the heavy lifting.  Dealers love it, and they’ll love you for bringing it to them.
  • Fun Factor:  One of Print Audit’s philosophies is that if you aren’t having fun saving the office equipment industry, what’s the point?  When we win big, we celebrate big.  When we throw an event, like the Top 100 Summit, dealers come away saying it’s the best event they’ve ever attended. The way we’re growing right now, we celebrate a lot!

IMG_20171208_115917.jpg(Print Audit folks enjoy an afternoon of team curling at the 2017 Print Audit Summit)

Talk about a lot of awesome reasons to consider working at a place like Print Audit!  As any good sales rep knows, the more awesome things you have to sell and the more fun you are having selling,  the more money you stand to make.  There is no single better place than Print Audit if you like to have world leading options to bring to your customers.  I can tell you from experience there is no better place to have fun and make lots of money.  If you need any more convincing  then this may not be the right opportunity for you.  If you enjoy slogging it out with the “me too” sales pitch, if you enjoy watching your commissions getting smaller, maybe the right choice is just to keep doing what you’re doing.  I can only tell you that my decision to come to Print Audit was the best career decision I ever made.  If you have the right stuff, it could be for you too!

Care to learn more? Check out our Careers page and see if you have what it takes to help Print Audit to save the office equipment industry.   We look forward to talking with you soon!

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West McDonald

Written by West McDonald

West McDonald is Vice President of Business Development for Print Audit.

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