Saving the Office Equipment Industry

Print Audit has one solitary mission, and that is to save the office equipment industry.  Why does the industry need saving?  There are many reasons, including declining page volumes, dropping equipment costs, pressure on CPP rates and much more.


Below are a number of initiatives we have undertaken to achieve this:

Print Audit Premier

A Stickier Pricing Model

Print Audit doesn’t sell software, and we don’t expect our members to either.  The minute you sell something to a customer you give them complete ownership and control.  Recurring revenue models are far better.  The Print Audit model is all about subscription/as-a-service because we believe that dealers and customers can accomplish more if working in partnership.  Not to mention that margins for as-a-service models are higher and stickiness is much stronger. 

Learn more about our Print Audit Premier Program.


 Top 100 Summit

Top 100 Summit

We started the Top 100 Summit a few years ago to give dealers a “safe place” to discuss and take action on the things impacting the office equipment industry.  We’ve had 3 Top 100 gatherings and all of them produced content and strategies to strengthen dealers’ ability to thrive in the new economy.  We promised it wasn’t going to be a Print Audit sales pitch and we delivered. 

Learn more about the Top 100 Summit.


 SBB RoadShow

SBB Model and Road Show

Anybody that knows Print Audit knows we are huge proponents of alternate billing models for managed print.  If pages are in decline per user then it stands to reason that a CPP model has some limitations for growth in 2017.  Print Audit has spent years building an SBB (Seat Based Billing) alternative for managed print and we now have lots of dealers bringing it to the market.  The work we’ve done benefits the industry as a whole, not just Print Audit customers.  The SBB Road Show is open to ALL dealers to help them build out an SBB offering.  You’ll want to register for this before seats run out and can do so HERE.

Learn more and register for the SBB Road Show.


 Document Management Simplified

Document Management Simplified

Print Audit surprised the market by purchasing a document management company called NeoStream Technologies.  Why did we do this? We put our money where our mouth is. If pages are in decline it’s usually because they’re being replaced by a digital alternative.  In other words, documents aren't disappearing, they are just being used in ways that don’t always require printing them. The NeoStream acquisition means we’re looking to the future and ensuring our partners can monetize ALL documents, no matter what form they are taking. 

Learn more about NeoStream Technologies.



The 7 Deadly Sinners and The Avengettes

What better way to save the office equipment industry than pulling together some super heroes?  Print Audit brought together some of the leading minds in the industry to share their thoughts on the state of the industry and to offer advice on navigating all the change.  We’ve produced e-guides and comic books designed to give dealers some solid advice on where to focus efforts for growth. 

Visit the following like to download our E-Guides.


 Convergence Radio

Convergence Radio Podcasts

We started a podcast because people said they like to consume information in new ways.  Whether commuting to work in the car or working away at your desk, podcasts are excellent ways to stay informed while getting other things done.  For those that listen to the podcast they know that they are filled with useful information about the office equipment channel.  These aren’t Print Audit ads: They are genuine interviews and programs designed to help the industry at large. 

Listening to our podcasts by clicking here.


At Print Audit we think that helping save the office equipment industry is important.  All of the items above are our way of doing that.  

For more information on how you can help your dealership thrive in these changing times, please check out our Premier program.