SBB_Certified_Logo.jpgWhat is SBB (Seat Based Billing)?

SBB, or “Seat Based Billing” for managed print is a flat-fee which is billed per employee per month and covers support for all print enabled devices used by each end-user. This may entail supporting locally connected printers, desktop printers, multi-function devices, scanners, fax machines and all related consumables, service, parts, and software related to your printing and document workflows.

Why become SBB Certified?

Earning the SBB Certified credential is a smart way to ensure your customers and prospects understand that your dealership has the base level knowledge and tools to be able to deliver Seat Based Billing for Managed Print.

What does Certification involve?sbb_logo.png

Delivery of SBB for Managed Print has a more sophisticated set of expertise-requirements than traditional page based Managed Print.  Becoming SBB Certified requires completion of a written test to demonstrate a basic level of knowledge around the particular elements necessary to deliver SBB for Managed Print.  Evidence in the form of supporting company documents such as SBB assessment methodologies and SBB invoicing are also required.  

Why would my customer prefer SBB for Managed Print?

  • 100% budgetable costs:  No more counting or reviewing complicated Cost Per Page invoices.  SBB for Managed Print is a fixed monthly fee per user for managed print.  After an initial assessment you will have a fixed monthly fee per user for all your office printing needs.
  • Cost reduction through workflow improvements:  The real cost of print is hiding in your workflow. SBB for Managed Print Delivers savings through improvements to what and how you are printing. Examples:
    Color conversion to monochrome: Do you really need that blue hyperlink or logo? A color page is typically 8 to 10 times more expensive than a black and white page.

    Waste elimination
    : Upward of 20% of all documents that are printed never make it past the recycling bin from the output tray. 
  • Unified billing for multiple services: Can include service, supplies, parts, print servers, software, and printing hardware. Works in a similar fashion to Managed IT Services billing which you may enjoy today.
  • Improved security: SBB for Managed Print comes with user-based authentication and print tracking which can dramatically improve
    document security.
  • Guaranteed Savings: Are you tired of ROI promises that never come true? SBB for Managed Print will guarantee savings thanks to its fixed monthly user-based fees.leaf.png
  • Measurable Sustainability Metrics: SBB for Managed Print allows for a series of regular reports on your improved printing habits that can illustrate your carbon footprint reduction, the number of trees you save, and many other items that you can include in your annual reports or with customers. Doing some good for the Earth was never so easy! 



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